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US Premier Tube Mills is your dedicated manufacturer of high-quality steel pipe and tubing for use in residential, industrial, commercial, and high-security fence and barrier applications. We are a leading American manufacturer within our industry. US Premier Tube Mills has the high-quality products you need when you need them.

Located in the heartland of southern Indiana, US Premier Tube Mills is manufacturing steel fence pipe and tubing products for you! We are a domestic manufacturer of domestic steel products made from only domestic steel sources.

Our industry is always challenging; however, the dedicated people here at US Premier Tube Mills view this as an opportunity to place a new level of pride and confidence in their company.
This focus on pride is evident in our manufacturing and quality process, our customer service, our availability and delivery, our finished product, and our overall company attitude . . . for you.

USPTM is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, fully-galvanized pipe and tubing products: from the PT Series of industrial/commercial grade products to the PTR tubing line for use in residential applications. We offer square tubing for the ornamental markets. Our complete line of PTC products offers custom polyester and polyolefin color coating.

Visit our website to learn more about our products and services.

Phone: 219-246-0543
2855 Michigan Rd., 47250Madison, Indiana, USA
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