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By using the collective expertise and experience of its member companies, CLFMI is able to determine what the consumer wants and needs in fencing materials and how its members can meet those needs with safe, economical, and durable products. CLFMI members see the Institute not only as a representative of their industry but also as a partner in their profitability.


A firm or corporation engaged in the manufacture and sale of chain link fence fabric, framework, fittings, and/or accessories, and the materials used to produce them. Active membership is limited to firms with manufacturing facilities located in North America, and which have been producing substantial quantities of chain link fencing materials, manufactured in accordance with appropriate quality standards, for at least two years.

Active Member Benefits

CLFMI Market Development Programs, such as:

  • Industry-wide testing, which provides members with credible data on chain link capabilities that can be used to market various products and systems
  • CLFMI’s updated technical guidelines, which provides them with tremendous exposure to potential product users and influencers
  • Members-only Guides to Market Opportunities, showing members how to access these markets faster and with direct contact to decision-makers

Members-only Guides to Market Opportunities

In response to members’ requests for CLFMI to embark on some market-specific product promotion, the Institute contracted with the University of Maryland’s prestigious Smith School of Business to conduct a study of the utility industry in North America. The study was created to not only aid CLFMI members in gaining a better understanding of the electric utility industry but also to assist the Institute in developing a marketing strategy. Additionally, the report provided members of CLFMI with key insights from the research and recommendations that CLFMI could benefit from implementing. The goal is providing the report was to allow the information to quickly disseminate among the member firms, leading to a cohesive marketing strategy within the industry.

The CLFMI Marketing and Technical Committees then developed a hands-on tool for members to use in their individual company efforts to gain more business in the utility market. Several members affirmed the value of the Guide by saying that they followed the information and recommendations in the Guide virtually in a step-by-step manner and wound up receiving contracts on several projects.

Additional guides to key chain link markets (military, aviation, etc.) are in the pipeline.

CLFMI Business Management Programs, including

  • CLFMI’s Summer and Annual Meetings, bringing the industry’s leaders together with governmental agencies, economic experts, and industry partners, providing access to information that can save members time and money.
  • The Institute’s Statistical and Economic Modeling programs and surveys give CLFMI members valuable information on market trends and conditions.

CLFMI’s Statistical and Economic Forecasting Programs

Benchmarking has always been one of the most important management tools in the manufacturing field. The ability to measure company performance vs. that of the overall industry is an invaluable way to help CLFMI Members position their companies for future opportunities, determine industry trends, assist with inventory control, and allow various other functions to be evaluated. By focusing the program on key categories and product lines, the Institute Statistical Committee, instituted its quarterly reporting program with full participation from fabric and framework producers.

In 2012 launched its Economic and Market Forecast report that has raised the value of the CLFMI statistical programs to an even higher level. Dr. Lynn Reaser, former Chief Economist for Bank of America and Chief Economic Advisor for the State of California oversees this program.

Each quarter members receive detailed trends and forecasts based on CLFMI’s Statistical Program Reports. These reports are adapted to show trends in five specific end-use markets, allowing member firms to better benchmark their performance across a wider range of industry activity.



Associate membership is available to firms or corporations which:

a. are engaged in the manufacture or sale of equipment or materials commonly used in the manufacturing or sale of chain link fencing; or
b. distribute substantial quantities (defined as a majority of their sales in dollars) of chain link fencing materials; or
c. provide services to the industry, but do not otherwise meet the qualifications of Active Memberships and insight on future opportunities.

CLFMI member knows that success in the fence industry depends upon being able to build the relationships which will ensure a smooth flow of products from manufacturers to end-users. That’s why CLFMI is reaching out to chain link fence distributors through its Associate Member Partnership Program.

ASSOCIATE Member Benefits

  • CLFMI’s participation in top-quality trade shows, such as the GovSec and ASIS Exhibitions, helps promote the members’ products and provides direct leads.

CLFMI Unveils New Market-Centric Trade Show Displays

In a follow-up to the release of the Members Guide to Opportunities in the Electric Utility Industry, the CLFMI Marketing Committee designed and produced a new-look trade show booth with customized messaging for the utility and high-security markets. Rather than using panels to tell the chain link story to booth visitors, the new booth focused on the terminology and the visual presentations that were common to the attendees.

The displays drew engineers, architects, government procurement personnel, safety directors, construction specifiers, and security chiefs into the booth to talk with CLFMI technical experts and member representatives. The addition of a “fabric ladder” increased the interest in the booth since many of the attendees were unfamiliar with the many sizes and performance capabilities of chain link.

  • Updated industry guidelines to tens of thousands of engineers, specifiers, architects, contractors, and end-users of chain link products.
  • Our newly designed web site,, and its expanded Products and Services Locator generates direct contacts for associate member firms. When customers ask “Where can I get these products?” your company listing will be one of the answers!
  • CLFMI’s Summer and Annual Meetings provide the #1 networking and relationship-building events in the industry. People and companies prefer doing business with people and companies they know and trust.
  • The Institute’s Economic Modeling Program provides Associate Members with critical information on current market trends and insight on future opportunities

CLFMI’s Statistical and Economic Forecasting Programs

Benchmarking has always been one of the most important management tools in the manufacturing field. The ability to measure company performance vs. that of the overall industry is an invaluable way to help CLFMI Members position their companies for future opportunities, determine industry t