CLFMI Membership: A Valued Tool for Success

You know how chain link producers are always looking for ways to broaden their markets, while still keeping costs under control?

CLFMI gives its members a set of tools to do just that.

CLFMI is helping create demand in every market, from residential to high security, and they save members time and money on the back end by identifying best practices and providing indispensable benchmarking tools.

In that way, CLFMI members wind up spending less time putting out fires and more time building their bottom line.


You should take a closer look to see if CLFMI membership might be a good investment for your company, too.

CLFMI knows that customer acceptance and product performance are the keys to growing the market for the whole range of versatile, cost-effective chain link products. CLFMI has spent more than half a century leading the industry to the point where the chain link is the most widely-used and best-performing product in its field.

CLFMI has developed production, installation, and safety guidelines that are accepted as the standards by architects, designers, contractors, government agencies, and thousands of end-use decisionmakers. The chain link “brand” opens new markets all the time, and CLFMI is the catalyst promoting the value of chain link to all of these influencers.

Here are some of the activities and programs CLFMI offers to promote greater use of chain link fence products and services

  • CLFMI was a pioneer in doing the first industry-wide testing of a range of security grade chain link systems, and is providing members with credible data on chain link capabilities that can be used to market various products and systems
  • CLFMI’s updated technical guidelines, such as our newly-revised Wind Load Guide Our Security Fencing initiatives, are accessed by tens of thousands of engineers, specifiers, and architects. By having members’ names listed on key technical data, CLFMI provides them with tremendous exposure to potential product users and influencers.
  • CLFMI funds studies and research into key user markets, culminating with the production a series of members-only Guide to Market Opportunities. These Guides shorten the learning curve (and time involved) for members to find out how access these markets faster and with direct contact to decision-makers. That, alone, can turn into a real competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

All of these marketing efforts are tied to our web site, Last year our website expanded its “Product and Services Locator” format to make it even easier for our members and their customers to get in touch-and stay in touch.

Here are some of the activities and programs CLFMI offers to help members control costs

  • CLFMI’s Summer and Annual Meetings bring the industry’s leaders together with governmental agencies, economic experts, and industry partners, providing access to information that can save members time and money. Additionally, these meetings feature discussions about cost-effective management techniques and trends. In recent years our meeting speakers included the U.S. Secretary of Labor, the Senate Majority Leader, and the Deputy Director of the Customs and Border Protection Agency. The presenters this past year will include key officials from the Department of Transportation, the Society of Military Engineers, and Congressional and regulatory specialists.

CLFMI President Ted Eysenbach greets Federal Highway Administrator Brandye Hendrickson

Former Labor (now Transportation) Secretary Elaine Chao addresses the CLFMI Annual Meeting

  • The Institute’s Statistical and Economic Modeling programs and surveys give CLFMI members valuable information on market trends and conditions, enabling them to make better, more efficient management and marketing decisions by benchmarking their company’s performance against industry norms. They also give members the information they need to hone in on the factors that have the most effect on the future growth of the U.S. market. This will allow member firms to better identify market opportunities and allocate resources.

By using the collective expertise and experience of its member companies, CLFMI is able to determine what the consumer wants and needs in fencing materials and how its members can meet those needs with safe, economical, and durable products. CLFMI members see the Institute not only as a representative of their industry, but also as a partner in their profitability.

Join today and start benefiting from the CLFMI value of membership!



A firm or corporation engaged in the manufacture and sale of chain link fence fabric, framework, fittings, and/or accessories, and the materials used to produce them. Active membership is limited to firms with manufacturing facilities located in North America, and which have been producing substantial quantities of chain link fencing materials, manufactured in accordance with appropriate quality standards, for at least two years


Associate membership is available to firms or corporations which:
a. are engaged in the manufacture or sale of equipment or materials commonly used in the manufacturing or sale of chain link fencing; or
b. distribute substantial quantities (defined as a majority of their sales in dollars) of chain link fencing materials; or
c. provide services to the industry, but do not otherwise meet the qualifications of Active Membership

*All membership applications are subject to the approval of the CLFMI Board of Directors.