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Where would I get an idea of what options I should be offering my residential customers? 

Residential Design Options  – Today’s chain-link offers more design options than ever before! New technologies have combined to offer more choices. This is a summary of some of the many options available.Is there anything I can do about communities that don’t allow chain link?

Today’s Chain Link Fits Into Every Neighborhood – Chain-link fence is one of the most effective, economical, permanent fencing barriers on the market today and is the number one selling fence system in the world. This paper analyzes and proposes regulations for the use of chain-link fence in residential neighborhoods that balance the needs of the homeowner, aesthetic concerns and value.

I need guidelines for security fencing projects.

CLFMI Security Fencing Recommendations – (CLF-SFR0111)
 This guide provides the answers to questions about which chain link fencing systems to use for various levels of perimeter security. Includes references to applicable ASTM & Federal specifications and sample installation drawings.

I’ve been involved with a great project that uses chain link fence materials in a really unique way. I want more information about CLFMI Design Award.

CLFMI Les Grube Memorial Design Award Information – (CLF-LGA0111) 
The information needed to apply for the Les Grube Memorial design award, given for the most unique use of chain link fence products in a commercial or industrial project.

I need to get some credible testing data to show my clients what kind of protection security grade chain link fence can provide.

Tested and Proven Performance of Security Grade Chain Link Fencing Systems – (CLF- TP0211)
With this newly-released 12-page report, security and fence professionals have the information and test data needed to specify and select security grade chain link fence systems based on the time required for forced entry penetration or its ability to protect people and property from vehicular impact. These testing results provide the data to make a well informed, logical decision

I need to talk to someone about a current project.

CLFMI’s Technical Assistance Team – If the answer to your questions isn’t available on our Web site, contact one of the fence industry professionals who are available to assist you with your project. Phone numbers and email links are provided.

I need a quality control checklist to be sure my clients are getting the best quality fencing system.

Field Inspection Guide – (CLF-FIG 0111) 
The guide that gives installers and inspectors a handy list of inspection procedures, guidelines and standards. Includes a “tear off” report form.

Is there an easy residential installation guide available?

Step by Step Method for Installing Your Own Chain Link Fence (CLF-SBS0110)