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pool-fenceToday’s new chain link fence offers you more variety, more value and more durability to beautify and protect your home. Chain link fence can magically blend into the surrounding landscape or create a more stately image for your property and home using today’s new colors and styles.

And today’s chain link fence materials meet new strength and quality standards to assure lasting beauty and your continued satisfaction for many years to come.

The key to getting the fence you want and need for your property is knowing what to ask for and where to get it. These CLFMI publications and guidelines can answer many of your questions about today’s chain link.

For information about why chain link is a great choice for any neighborhood, and how to assure its acceptance in your area, go to: Today’s Chain Link Fits Into Every Neighborhood

For information on what types of residential fence are available and which would most closely meet your needs, go to: Type of Chain Link

To be sure you are getting the very best in terms of quality and specifications go to: Residential Quality and Specification



Residential Design Options

  • Post and Chain Link Fabric Choices
  • Composite Fence Choices
  • Accessory Choices
  • Estate Fence


Types of Residential Chain Link

  • Metallic-Coated
  • Color-Coated
  • Estate Fence
  • Garden Fences & Trellises


Residential Quality & Specifications

  • Fabric Diamond Size
  • Tubing
  • Warranties


Step by Step Residential Installation

  • Survey Property Lines
  • Locate and Set Terminal Post
  • Locate and Set Line Post
  • Apply Fittings to Terminal Post