CLFMI Product Manual 2017 Editions

CLFMI Product Manual 2017 Editions

The Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI) has announced the release of the newest editions of their product manual with two sections; 1 for text version and the other for the drawings only.


(CLF-PM0610) This 32-page guidebook provides the user with the nationally-recognized standards of quality for chain link fence fabric and framework. References all applicable ASTM and federal standards.

Section (1) Direct access to the CLFMI GUIDE FOR SPECIFYING COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, AND SECURITY CHAIN LINK FENCE AND GATES ( Contract Section 32 31 13) part of the manual.

Section (2) Direct link to the Drawings part of the manual

The product manual publication is being used extensively throughout the world by architects, specifiers, contractors, government agencies, contracting authorities, and consumers to assure that they are specifying, using, and properly installing chain link fencing systems. The guides cover commercial, industrial, residential, and high-security chain link fence projects and it uses.

The new edition, plus all of the other publications in the CLFMI Library, are available for free downloading at For more information about CLFMI Product Manual 2017 Editions contact Mark Levin at

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