CLFMI Membership Renewal and New Member Fees

  • A firm or corporation engaged in the manufacture and sale of chain link fence fabric, framework, fittings, and/or accessories, and the materials used to produce them. Active membership* is limited to firms which have been operating for at least two years and which have their principal manufacturing facilities (more than 50% of their chain link production) located in North America, and which have at least 50% of their chain link sales in North America. By applying, all new members agree to support the objectives of the Institute.
  • Associate membership is available to firms or corporations which: A.) Engaged in the manufacture or sale of equipment or materials commonly used in the manufacturing or sale of chain link fencing; or B.) Distribute substantial quantities (defined as a majority of their sales in dollars) of chain link fencing materials; or C.) Provide services to the industry... but do not otherwise meet the qualifications of an Active Membership Company
  • $0.00
Dues paid online includes online processiong fee. If you want to pay by check please download the application below.