Chain Link Fence 2016-2017 Les Grube Design Award Winner

Kansas City Bridge Project Wins Fence Industry Design Award

The Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI) has announced that the 2016-2017 Les Grube Memorial Design Award has been given to architect David Dowell, AIA and installer Collins and Hermann, Inc. for their work on the Main Street Redux Project in Kansas City, MO.

The introduction of a streetcar line along Main Street triggered reconsiderations of the Main Street bridge over I-670. The existing Main Street Bridge was an integral piece of Pedestrian Strands, a public art commission by an architect and artist, and this team was folded into the design team for the new bridge. Pragmatically the project adds acoustical buffering from highway traffic below, provides improved pedestrian circulation and ADA accessibility. Artistically, the new work continues the work of Pedestrian Strands in creating a three-dimensional, lateral composition that folds the immediate experience of the bridge into the broader environment created, in part, by the I-670 highway cut.

According to McDowell, chain link was the material of choice because “chain link is a beautiful material in its own right. We’ve gotten very used to exploiting the range of finishes and scales of weave, coatings and other attributes so that it offers endless design possibilities. Glass and acrylic panels are two examples. Also, chain link receives light in a uniquely beautiful manner. LED lights, mounted vertically on the posts, wash the space between the layers of chain link, illuminating the chamber in an extremely effective and poetic manner. Years ago, we learned about the moiré effect caused by layering chain link panels. We’ve not found another material that creates this amazing animation effect so strongly and cost effectively

The CLFMI Design Award is named for Les Grube, a Past President of the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute and a fence industry pioneer. The winning architect and contractor each receive specially-designed plaques and cash awards of $2,500.00 for the designing architect and $1,000.00 for the installing contractor.

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