Chain Link Fence 2015-2016 Award Winner

Spectacular Athletic Fields Project Wins Fence Industry Design Award

The Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI) has announced that the 2015 Les Grube Memorial Design Award has been given to architect Bruce Dees and Associates, Tacoma, Washington and the Sea West Construction Company, Seattle, for their work on the Browns Point Athletic Fields Project in Tacoma.


Brown Point Park Fields in Tacoma, Washington, are elementary school playfields during the school day and community park fields after school and on weekends.

The unique character of the chain link baseball backstops and soccer backstops punctuate the otherwise flat, open fields.  The 15° slope of the baseball backstops toward the field redirects foul balls rolling up the back wall of the field.  Without the slope, balls would roll up and over the backstop wall and onto the walkway behind the field.  The same 15° angle is then carried along each wing of the backstop, stepping down in a rhythm that accentuates the entire structure and giving it a unique and attractive character.  Treated 2×12 plank backboards provide a vital function and visual foundation that complement and finish the structure. The backstop posts also support the dugout roof with a continuous longitudinal slope.  The matched pairs of complementary, functional features are really art forms, providing the vital function of safety and aesthetics for all park users and visitors.

The framework consists of Schedule 40, 4.0” OD posts with 1.66” OD rails. The 9 gauge fabric is secured to posts and rails at 6” on center behind home plate and 12” on center elsewhere.  As a construction material, chain link fabric and steel framework provide the flexibility to create the unique form while providing a strong, durable, overall diaphragm.

The CLFMI Design Award is named for Les Grube, a Past President of the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute and a fence industry pioneer.  The winning architect and contractor each receive specially-designed plaques and cash awards of $2,500.00 for the designing architect and $1,000.00 for the installing contractor.

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